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Hi, I’m Bob


and I’m Jim.

We elevate brands to new heights …

Using our own successful process …


We know design. We don’t know your business, your competition or your customers. Yet. That’s what this phase is all about: gathering all the knowledge we need to craft your brand so you will stand out from the competition and be remembered by customers.


Armed with the information gathered during the Research phase, we set out to scheme and sketch many, many ideas. A flood of different possibilities will be brought forth in notebooks and sketchpads. The best will be cropped from the rest and digitized. The cream of that crop are presented to you.


Now that you have chosen from our presentation and approved the design, we now breathe life into it. Schematics are coded into active websites. Trademarks populate business cards. Headlines are finalized and everything comes together.


This is the moment you looked forward to from the beginning. With your knowledge, our design instincts, and lots of hard work, your newly elevated brand is ready for the spotlight. Show off your new website, logo and flier to everyone and bask in the praise.

And we create some pretty killer work.

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Imagine what we could do for you.

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